Educating massage therapists for 125 years

Praxis is 100% Tuition Free

No Loans   No Debt   No Payback

Textbooks & Uniforms Provided

You earn a stipend doing massage


Educating massage therapists for 125 years

Praxis is 100% Tuition Free

No Loans   No Debt   No Payback

Textbooks & Uniforms Provided

You earn a stipend doing massage





How does Praxis College do it?

First of all, It is not free.

You are just not the one paying the tuition. Praxis College is compensated $6,000 for each student enrolled from a number of Oklahoma based corporations. While our stated tuition rate with the OBPVS is $9,000 these companies get a "bulk rate" price. If you wish , and it would make you feel safer or more comfortable, you are always welcome to pay the full tuition price.

We have never, in over 115 years, had our students take out soul crushing, life destroying, government or other student loans. During the years our students did pay their own tuition, we provided interest free payouts, that the student could easily pay off while in school.

Next, Tuition is not our only source of revenue.

ALL massage schools Nation-wide require the student to perform hours of service, that are charged to the public, while the student works for free. We call this what it is; “slave labor.” Each of our students generate well over $25,000 income for Praxis. Of that $7,750 is given as a stipend to the student to cover their personal expenses while going to school. So tuition is only a small amount of our revenue.


All of our faculty, mentors, and staff make their livelihood doing massage, and do not have to rely  on being paid to teach. Teaching should be a privilege, not an occupation. The only thing a person who does not make their living doing massage knows to teach, is how to fail at massage.

Our alumni voluntarily support the college. They know the value of the knowledge we have given and the value of the gifts they received from others. They frequently wish to give back. This varies by circumstance from $5 for a teacher's birthday, volunteering labor that the school is compensated for doing, to pledging a monthly group funded project like the “Keep the Light Bright” campaign started by graduates to specifically cover the college electric bill.

Since we never accept TIPs, due to the unprofessional nature of taking them. Many of our clients knowing that the student is paid, wish to support future students by donating in the student's name to the scholarship fund out of appreciation for superior service. 

Our unique situation and structure keeps our expenses low. Our low overhead means we do not have to price gouge with high tuition. Some of the things that allows this are listed below.


We do not have:

  • Real estate expense. We own rather than lease all of our buildings.

  • A corporate board that we must report earning and profits to and pay.

  • Stockholders that expect the highest return on their investment.

  • Recruiters, Administrative staff that drain revenues by working on commission.

  • An advertising firm, or advertising expenses. Because we do not advertise.

Our experience has proven true the old adage “Liars believe everyone one is lying to them, Scammers think they are always being scammed.” Skepticism is good, healthy and is needed for self protection, 




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Are you ready to get started?

After you have received and read our catalog, and still  have questions, feel free to call us.


We will not contact you if you do not call , email or return the application.

Praxis College

8900 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73114

(405) 879-0224


We are open to tour prospective students by appointment only. You will need verbal directions to find the current campus building. We are currently re-landscaping most of the campus.

Submit the application that is attached to our catalog by mail or email .

We have on our 20 acres: Oklahoma's  Largest SPA, Our classrooms, Student Health Club, Married Student Housing & Single Student Dormitory rooms and the College President's Home. We own acres of green space inside the campus.




Owners of Nursing Entrepreneurs Ltd. 

Dear Prospective Praxis College Students, 

Thank you for your interest in visiting our site. We are excited that you have undertaken the quest to discover the best course of study in your desired skill of massage therapy. Do not be misled by exaggerations of massage as a profession or promises of job opportunities that sound exciting and exotic. Massage has not yet gained professional status, even though the word is widely and wildly used by publications within the massage industry.  Employment on cruise ships or in grand resorts, while appealing to those lacking knowledge of the massage industry, are among the most unsafe and abusive workplaces for a practicing massage therapist.


Our administration and faculty take very seriously our responsibility to not only educate our students from Novice into Apprenticeship, through Craftsman and eventually a Master degree. We would never place a student or a graduate in harms way or only prepare them for menial hire wages. Many franchise massage chains pay less than $10 an hour. Why would you want to reduce yourself to that level when you will receive that amount and more as a Praxis College student? Even higher wages are available following graduation.  

Academic success is ONLY attained by your commitment and desire. Praxis College has designed our program so that you have an open and clear educational relationship with a mentor assigned to you to assure that every aspect of your education is guided, supported and recorded by a practicing massage therapist. Open communication between students, faculty, and administration is the hallmark of the “Praxis Process© 宁夏矗立动力公司.”

We wish to be of assistance while you are undertaking this special and exciting journey of researching, discovering and imagining this new adventure in growing to your greatest potential. Please contact us.  We want to hear from you. Be assured we understand and know your academic needs, we have been training massage therapists in Oklahoma City since 1903. 

Should you currently need help beyond the information found on these web pages, after receiving our catalog or in the future need assistance beyond the campus and graduation in understanding any aspect of the massage field and finding a satisfying life path. We, or for that matter any of the faculty is always available to you at (405) 879-0224. As owners we have been teaching and providing massage therapy for 40 years. We’re not new at this. Give us the opportunity to support your dreams, and we will not let you down.

We are personally looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in your successful education, your career and your life.

Sincerely,  Linda K. Young & Andre F. Fountain

Oklahoma's First Massage Therapy School since Since 1903

********** Praxis College Logo ************


the enlightenment of education, driving away the darkness of ignorance and prejudice that has always separated East from West. Its location is symbolic of knowledge being central to all else.

THE SUN only partially rising indicates two things;

that we should address each day of our learning with the enthusiasm and excitement of the dawning of a new day. It further indicates that full enlightenment will never occur, because the quest for knowledge is the constant pursuit of mankind.


that ignorance and uncertainty will always exist. Not falling back into the darkness that obscures knowledge requires constant vigilance.


represent the strength and rigidity of classic western linear scientific thought.


the art, grace and beauty of eastern philosophy. Hidden in its design the geometry and engineering science that made it possible.


The constant flow of time through eternity, no pauses or breaks, only superficial disturbances, that in our narrow view appear as waves.


is the college, spanning time and connecting east to west and art to science, lit by the sun of knowledge, the source of all success in business and personal development.



Your Success Is Determined by the Success of Those Who Teach You.

Praxis College does not accept every student that wishes to attend. The college strives to admit only academically superior and highly talented students. The faculty spends their day on the campus performing massage on their private clients and working with students. The faculty desires to work with students who are pleasant, intelligent and interested in learning. Safety in the workplace and classroom is an increasing concern for everyone, so we make every effort to screen out those who might be disruptive or create problems. We would never accept someone with a criminal, violent or inappropriate behavior history. We screen applicants from their first contact with Praxis College. We begin at that point in determining if the applicant is a quality individual for our program. We can only do this because the only people you will talk with when you call or visit are the owners of Praxis College. We do not have numerous campuses owned by investors expecting a return on their capital. We do not use “recruiters” who are paid a commission for each person they get to sign up. 

As the owners, we listen to the person’s questions and concerns, so we can assess whether they are a potential fit with our academic rigors, ethics and goals.

A Little about Massage Styles, Skills & Treatments: 

A quick search of the internet reveals hundreds, possibly thousands of “different” massage styles and techniques. This makes for a great deal of confusion in the mind of the public and within the massage industry,about what massage is. It is impossible to study them all in a lifetime, more importantly it is futile to do so. Futile because all of them are merely different titles and trademarked sales branding of a portion of an established area of existing massage. The person promoting the seminar, specialty education or continuing education course, often with the technique being named after them, has mashed together several favorite skills and has built a mythology around them. Often the theory and concept are dubious at best and at worst fraudulent. 

This is further compounded by the use of “loose words.” That is, words that convey a feeling but have no substance in reality. ALL massage is “therapeutic” and most massage can be “deep tissue.” Yet, they are promoted as specific and unique treatments. Even the term “Swedish massage” has been shown by a recent U. S. Government research article to be a totally contrived term. While the term is widely used by lay public and seasoned massage therapists, it has been shown not be a specific set of manipulations or treatments. It is merely a “branding” or sales recognition device. There are only four (4) major massage modalities. A thorough understanding of the four modalities, leads to deep insight to all the sub-genres.